Young Magic (Live @ Cameo Gallery 06-16-13)

Not many things in life are considered sure things. Two do come to mind though, death & taxes. You might be able to add a third one to a list & that is me seeing Young Magic during a NYC music festival. When I saw they were playing Northside this year, I just knew that one way or another I would be in attendance.

Like with CMJ 2012, I once again was seeing them perform at Cameo Gallery. Let me be the first to say that I absolutely hate this venue with a passion. As you know by now besides running Surge FM, I also cover a lot of shows which includes writing reviews like this & providing audio & video visuals as well. The reason I hate Cameo Gallery is because they try way too hard to be unique with their lighting & it ruins any possible chance of getting good photos or videos. Plus I feel it takes away from the experience as people not only want to hear who is playing but be able to see them as well!

As far as Young Magic goes, you know from my previous reviews on Surge FM, how high I am on this band. Although their style of music is not one I am known for enjoying, I can’t help but get caught up & mesmerized by their never ending seductiveness.

Once again this proved to be true as they took I & the rest of the packed house on a psychedelic journey filled with sweet samples & pulsating drums that truly feels like musical ecstasy. Personally I kept waiting to hear my favorite song A Night In The Ocean which is so beautiful, it just can’t be put into words. They did not disappoint me as they chose to use this as their closing number which really hit the spot for me.

I could never get sick & tired of seeing Young Magic as they are an experience that one must go through to fully understand. If you get the chance to see them, you absolutely must or I can guarantee you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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