Jackpot Tiger – Caught In Love

The reigning champs of irresistible bubblegum pop, Jackpot, Tiger are back in a big way. The Brooklyn-based foursome has just released Caught In Love, the first single off their highly anticipated self-titled sophomore album due out this summer.

Caught In Love starts off with a vibe that the listener might get a edgier sounding song. However within seconds, the sweet infectious nature of the band kicks in with vocals that make you want to sing along from the outset.

The lyrics give a refreshing & catchy taste to the story of falling in love with someone. It sure must be serious when you fall in love even with the fact that they stole your handicapped parking pass (I laughed so hard when I heard that part, just saying….).

One thing is undeniable when push comes to shove & that is Jackpot, Tiger knows how to make a song that you will have on repeat for days & sing even when it is not on. If Caught In Love is any indication, their sophomore album will not only be the best soundtrack for the summer, but one of the best 2014 releases.


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