SXSW 2019 Recap

Originally I was just going to leave my individual show reviews as the official recap for SXSW 2019. However over the weekend, I was looking through photos from the event & thought I should write my thoughts on my overall experience. I would first like to thank the people in charge for providing me press accreditation to cover the event as I was very grateful for the opportunity. Secondly I

As you know by now, this was my first time ever going to SXSW. I knew that I would be prepared with a solid coverage game plan but being 100% prepared to change on the fly as need be as hiccups would occur. I felt I did a fantastic job of doing this. My main complaint was not getting to enough daytime events but that is something I will work on for the future.

In terms of the music itself, I had an amazing time catching up with friends including a few I had not seen in years! I also will forever remember the artists that made an impact on me as I have now become huge fans of including Body Type, Lucia & Say Sue Me.

I definitely hope to be able to turn this into an annual event that I cover as I had the time of my life! I will leave you with a few of my favorite images from the event. Remember to check out all of my concert photography work on Capture The Show by clicking here!


Say Sue Me

The Rembrandts

Body Type

Fruit & Flowers


Annabel Allum


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