Wyatt 10-18-13 (Live @ Rockwood Music Hall)

As I mentioned in my Aly Tadros review, my main intention of heading to Rockwood around 2pm on this day was to see my friends Wyatt. One thing I can always count on is the band putting on a great performance filled with good vibes & great music. This is exactly what I got on this afternoon.

The 8 song set was a mix of songs from their 2011 self titled debut EP & newer ones that one can probably expect on the next release. They opened up with an oldie but goodie in Octopus King which had a nice fresh kick to it on this afternoon which served as a great opener & sign of things to come. This was followed up by Good Fight which like the opener sounded fresh & exciting.

Now it was on to Trouble which will always be one of my favorites from the band. The opening guitar work & verse will forever be irresistible to me. Walking Down 6th Ave is one of the newer songs that hopefully will be on the next release. Since I first heard this song at a show awhile back, I have been hooked on it. I really love how Maddy starts it off by herself & the band seamlessly joins in. The ending with the band singing “Love Will Come Back” always hits the spot.

Eventually we hit the home stretch and get a great rendition of Nobodys, a song that actually grew on me the more I heard it live. I feel it is one of the underrated tracks from the band which I hope will be a staple at all their shows.

The finale Up & Up had a real great energy as the band clearly loves playing this song. It was a great way to end another awesome set. Honestly I am spoiled by them as I know I’ll never get an off performance from them & that is something I will always appreciate.


  1. Octopus King
  2. Good Fight
  3. Trouble
  4. Walking Down 6th Ave
  5. Lete
  6. Palaceyum
  7. Nobodys
  8. Up & Up


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